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Allied Worldwide’s network of IT experts are on the ball, ready to react to changes or shifts in the business or technological landscape. Our blog section is your chance to keep abreast of all the latest developments in the world of IT Outsourcing and Managed Services.

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Adapt, survive and thrive – the future of Managed Service Providers

There is lots of (premature) doom and gloom online about how Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are dying. But for me, working at a senior level within the IT industry – it is the opposite, providing MSPs r...

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Allied Worldwide – a new look

I’m delighted to launch a new look and brand refresh for Allied Worldwide, which we believe really emphasises our global nature and partnership approach. Our new logo is more of an evolution of our previous loo...

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Flexible IT Resourcing part 3

Benefits of a global IT support model Single site IT support operations need qualified staff, the right technology and documented support procedures. A global or regionally distributed IT support company needs ...

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Flexible IT Resourcing part 2

Global IT support made flexible At Allied Worldwide we have some of the most flexible IT resource models in the marketplace today. Our three most popular support models have been built with you, the IT Manager,...

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Flexible IT Resourcing

Running a global IT infrastructure is a massive job. You need to balance legacy systems with the demands of a growing business whilst also keeping one eye on the impact of digital disruption. You know from expe...

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Our Guide to an Effective IT Managed Service part 5

Getting the most value out of your Managed Service So, you have your new managed service in place. The transition went well with minimum disruption to the business, with SLAs and KPIs being consistently achieve...

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Our Guide to an Effective IT Managed Service part 4

You have been through the selection process and signed commercial contracts with your new IT Managed Service provider. The focus is now firmly on transitioning the management of your IT to the new service provi...

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Our Guide to an Effective IT Managed Service part 3

When you initiate an RFP for your IT Managed Service, you have one goal in mind; to find a provider whose service, approach, performance and price meet your requirements. Planning your RFP effectively can not o...