Our Customer

Our client develops testing, monitoring and measurement solutions for next generation telecommunications, networking and semiconductor products. They operate in over 25 countries globally and required a fully-managed, outsourced IT infrastructure – with guaranteed 100% uptime – for their entire European operations. The high-tech nature of their business means that effective, always-on infrastructure is vital to day-to-day operations.


Through the project Allied aimed to:

  • Provide an efficient and reliable IT infrastructure to support 16 locations across Europe
  • Ensure 100% uptime so that business operations would be continually supported
  • Deliver a comprehensive package of ongoing managed services to support the client’s business


Allied’s tailored service offer to the customer included:

  • Fully-integrated, highly efficient IT infrastructure solution covering all 16 locations across Europe
  • Creation of standardised hardware and software builds – tested extensively and documented fully at a primary location – for easy and fast replication at all sites
  • Development of a unique project process that used logical steps to ensure successfully delivery
  • Provision of inventory to UK helpdesk of all IT assets at each site for quality assurance – including make, model, rating and spare capacity of hubs, switches, routers, servers, patch panels, tape devices, UPSs, and more


After successful implementation, Allied managed to achieve:

  • Successful project completion with no unplanned business downtime or inconvenience
  • Upgrade of all European servers, across a mix of technologies, well within timescales
  • Safe and secure migration of all corporate users into a new strategic Active Directory service
  • Active Directory domain services infrastructure implemented in less than 75% of the planned time
  • Implementation of first Windows Exchange Server with GS and NS in worldwide client locations

Keys to success

Through the project, Allied and our customer have achieved:

  • Engagement at a business needs level –

“You are the first organisation to understand our service and business needs across international boundaries.”
Senior Manager, Manufacturer of electronics testing equipment

  • First for partnership – The three-year contract has been renewed twice, making Allied the longest-serving partner in this client’s history.
  • True partnership approach – Allied has rich experience of delivering strategic technical strategies and its team has become fully integrated with the client’s operational workforce over the life of the partnership.