Our Customer

Our client had to improve the standard of support that its IT team was providing internally. Team productivity was down and the overall quality of help that it was providing was considered inadequate by the business’ end users. This is a leading international car manufacturer whose employees are highly dependent on effective IT resources to do their day-to-day jobs, so effective helpdesk support is a strategic imperative.


Through the project Allied aimed to:

  • Provide an efficient and cost-effective IT helpdesk to support the client’s UK IT department
  • Deliver a quick-response support solution to increase service levels to end-users
  • Identify and resolve whatever was impeding the productivity of the IT department
  • Make recommendations that would help the IT department achieve its core objectives


Allied’s tailored service offer to the customer included:

  • Initial assessment of existing resources and the launch of a four-month helpdesk advisory project
  • Appointment of an experienced project manager to revise procedures and deploy new technology
  • Implementation of a new, dedicated helpdesk system, with up-to-date problem-management
  • Establishment of improved logging procedures to better monitor, control and escalate calls, while also capturing data on the nature of user problems
  • The grouping of calls as either ‘usability’ issues – requiring training follow-up – or ‘fault’ issues
  • Introduction of technical call vetting to allocate calls to the most appropriate support person
  • Provision of dedicated first-line support personnel to reduce the internal IT team’s workload


After successful implementation, Allied managed to achieve:

  • Dramatically improved standards of customer service from the IT helpdesk
  • Much higher levels of satisfaction and user confidence in the helpdesk service
  • Greater IT helpdesk productivity, with improved first line problem resolution through call vetting
  • More strategic IT team focus, with proactive activities such as development being prioritised
  • Reduction in expenditure on external contractors, who had often been used for that strategic work

Keys to success

Through the project, Allied and our customer have achieved:

  • True partnership approach – Allied has rich experience of delivering and managing strategic technical
    strategies and assets.
  • Knowledge transfer – Allied’s partnership model means ongoing knowledge sharing and cooperation with the internal IT team.
  • Business-as-usual implementation – Improvements were seamless, with no disruption to day-to-day IT
    helpdesk services, or to the wider business, at any point in the project.