Our Customer

Our client is a global manufacturer of science and technology equipment with a portfolio that spans multiple sectors including: Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Dental, Environmental and Applied Sciences. The client was using an in-house technical resource team to provide reactive and proactive support for their user-base, which was spread across a number of offices in the United Kingdom and Europe. The same team also supported with additional short-term projects. This model was not only unable to maintain a consistent service to the expanding user base, but was also expensive.


Through the project Allied aimed to:

  • Support a growing and widespread user-base
  • Provide skilled service professionals to meet the growing business requirements without increasing headcount
  • Maintain consistent levels of service to the user base
  • Provide resources for proactive project support and holiday and sickness cover
  • Ensure availability of cost-effective and flexible resources


Allied’s tailored service offer to the customer included:

  • Dedicated PC and desktop support to the company’s UK head office
  • Roll-out dedicated on-site resources to manage their PC and desktop support at their offices in Holland, Germany and France
  • Developing detailed site procedures which were applied across all supported offices to maintain consistency of support
  • Provision of a flexible team of ten support professionals, five dedicated to support to sites in Europe and five available to be called upon at any time to reinforce their own technical resources for short term projects
  • Hardware maintenance and support, at a minimum cost


After successful implementation, Allied managed to achieve:

  • Reduced overall IT expenditure by approximately £250,000 per annum with a year on year saving
  • Our IT Managed Service support across Europe freed up the management teams time which enabled them to focus on their core business and revenue generating activities
  • Roll-out of dedicated on-site resources to manage their PC and desktop support at their offices in Holland, Germany and France
  • Provision of consistent levels of support and increased cover, increasing user satisfaction

Keys to success

Through the project, Allied and our customer have achieved:

  • Efficiency – Effectively managing the client’s service professional resource requirements across Europe
  • Consistency – All users spread across multiple geographical locations and time zones, receive the same level of service excellence
  • Cost savings – Reduced IT operational expenditure by £250k per year, with year-on-year savings