Our Customer

Our client is a global manufacturer of science and technology equipment with a portfolio that spans multiple sectors including: Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Dental, Environmental and Applied Sciences. They have a strong operational base across Europe, but were facing problems with multiple service providers delivering varying service quality. Allied Worldwide had successfully assisted in designing, deploying and supporting the client’s IT infrastructure across Europe. Having a proven track record we were selected to extend our services and provide a cost-effective and flexible support solution.


Through the project Allied aimed to provide:

  • Flexibility in their resource solution
  • Ability to increase and decrease staffing levels at short notice
  • Cost effective solution that enhanced support in the multiple geographical locations
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Creation of a platform for ongoing cost and performance improvement


Allied’s tailored service offer to the customer included:

  • Implementation of a bespoke support that included bilingual support professionals, with local language skills based at the geographic location
  • Enhanced local “hands on” support in key locations
  • Flexibility to change resource levels according to business requirements
  • Additional support by an English speaking Central Help Desk (CHD); English being the standard business language of the client


After successful implementation, Allied managed to achieve:

  • In-country language support for local users and enhanced the traditional service desk support with the inclusion of hands-on support for key sites
  • Massive reduction in user fix time and greatly increased user satisfaction levels
  • The logging of calls on the ticketing system allows reporting and analytics that enables our staff to deliver on cost per call reduction objectives and the development of focused service improvement plans for specific groups, areas or subjects
  • Flexibility to increase or decrease coverage across Europe
  • Upskilling of staff through our comprehensive staff development programme

Keys to success

Through the project, Allied and our customer have achieved:

  • Customer satisfaction – Allied constantly achieves results in excess of 90% (often as high as 98%) in meeting SLAs, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Efficiency – Effectively managing their resource requirements across Europe
  • Cost savings – Costs per call have been halved though a process of continuous improvement using ITIL Best Practices