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Challenging the misconceptions around outsourcing your IT service desk

As end users are benefiting from increased availability and the diversity of applications and devices, and places of work become less defined by a traditional office environment and more by flexible, cloud-based systems that can be accessed anywhere, businesses expect technical support to be available whenever, and wherever they need it.

Outsourcing IT was once a trend but now some companies are bringing this back in house. Gartner outlined four reasons why a service desk might be brought back in-house:

  • Client knowledge – there is a fear that an external company wouldn’t understand the company as well as someone internally
  • High turnover of staff – attrition rate in-house is 14.7% compared to outsourced companies with a 22.1% turnover rate
  • Cultural differences
  • Language dialects

Negative perceptions like this often annoy me, because that’s not how we are at Allied Worldwide. Perhaps we’re very different to other IT outsourcing companies, but we believe it is vital that our staff are dedicated to your company and spend time learning the values you have and the goals you want to achieve through working with us. We aim to fit seamlessly within your organisation so that we work as an extension of your company rather than have a typical client-supplier relationship.

Our staff stay with us, for example, I’ve been working with Allied for over nine years in a variety of hands-on roles that have prepared me for being the CEO. We know that businesses we work with expect consistency and a low turnover, meaning our staff are dedicated not only to us, but to our clients and this shows through our partnerships with companies that span over a decade.

We have service desks and engineers based all around the world and, we pride ourselves on being a global provider with a local presence; so, regardless of your location we are able to assist you in the most appropriate way. Language is also no issue for Allied Worldwide, our engineers can communicate in both English and the local language of the region that they support.

If you’d like to see how Allied Worldwide can help your organisation with IT, please contact me and set up a call!