“Allied Worldwide had been providing IT Support to Eastman Kodak Company for about two years when Kodak Alaris was formed in 2013.  We chose to continue working with them for onsite workstation support because of their excellent track record.

“Due to the global COVID pandemic most of our personnel had to work from home and as a result, our onsite support needs dropped.  We communicated this to Allied Worldwide and were amazed at how quickly they responded and created a flexible support structure for us. This allowed us to reduce support levels in April 2020 in Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Mumbai and Australia.

“As result of Allied’s flexibility, we were able to increase our support levels in July 2020 with no interruption to the level of service provided Allied IT professionals.  Our people were pleased to see the familiar faces of Allied IT professionals responding to their IT queries.

“As a long-standing customer, we look forward to continuing our relationship with Allied as we all recover and adapt to the changing world around us.”