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Traditional methods are reaching their limits

Finding the right mix of skilled Information Security professionals, who understand the complexities within the enterprise environment and are able to put the right processes, technology and training in place, is a huge undertaking for any size of organisation. Let alone managing the constantly-changing threat and regulatory landscape.

Traditional prevention & detection methods are reaching their limits placing businesses in a reactive cycle.

Despite regular high profile attacks on household names such as Yahoo, Talk Talk the NHS and UBER, according to the PwC 2018 GSISS report, 44% of the 9,500 executives surveyed do not have an overall information security strategy

Break away from the traditional cycle, become proactive

Internal penetration testing can mitigate and remove vulnerabilities, but misses out on the true value. Actioning test results alone isn’t going to stop hackers from finding another way in through systems, networks or most commonly and most overlooked, people.

Our tailored persistent penetration testing solution encompassing systems, network and people, enables you to mitigate and remove vulnerabilities before the hackers do and repeat the cycle.


Our Certified Professionals create a robust and rigorous user awareness training programme tailored to suit the business.

We educate and inform employees at all levels on how to spot suspicious emails and weblinks. Train on network and device best practice and spotting social engineering tactics to mitigate the risk to your business. We don’t just stop there, our services include regular tests to ensure the message is employed by all employees at all levels.

Third Party

Controlling risks to your company, data, operations and finances by parties other than your own company is often overlooked. Relationships that span many years and that are built on trust cannot be seen as effective due diligence and will not be viewed as such by regulators or law makers.

The board and c-suite must undertake robust due diligence to ensure all reasonable measures have been taken to protect the business and it’s customers. Our specialist consultants ensure due diligence doesn’t stop at your door.


GDPR has been in the media and on the CXO radar for a long time, however Forrester predicts that despite awareness, 80% of firms affected by GDPR will not be compliant by May 2018.

Information Security is no longer just about technology. Your people and marketing activities are equally as risky to your organisation, time is running out.

We provide an independently accredited and certified InfoSec & GDPR service, to ensure that you are fully compliant and persistently protected, whilst building your organisational competence to keep you safe.

Information Security and GDPR, here to stay

In 2018, there are two things businesses can be sure of in addition to taxes, an increase in Cyber threats and GDPR.

Never have the risks associated with Cyber attacks been so high and the potential damage caused both financially and reputationally been so great. According to the Ponemon Institute’s, 2017 Cost of Cyber Crime Report, the number of reported breaches is up an average 27.4% year on year at a cost of malware spend and the top cost to companies at $2.4 million.

Add to this GDPR coming into full force in May 2018 with potential fines of up to €20 million or 4% of turnover (whichever is greater) for breaching regulation, unless businesses take action now, the consequences could make the next board meeting awkward to say the least.