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The future of IT outsourcing: five emerging trends

In the past few months, we have all been aware of how quickly life, and work, can change. It’s not just about the fact that the vast majority of professional roles can be and are being carried out from home. Th...

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Scaling security & support: what next for finance firms

For financial service firms, the actions needed to continue business operations have never been more challenging than when faced with the COVID-19 outbreak. Financial services companies have tried and tested wa...

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Closing the cybersecurity gaps

The “new normal” is beginning to emerge and remote working is here to stay. Already it’s been reported that 41% of employees will prefer to continue working remotely. And for those companies who have broken the...

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Reduce your OpEx,and keep your talent, with remote server monitoring

In these strange and unusual times, businesses are having to consider how they reduce their outgoings, whilst maximising their output, in order to succeed in the face of challenges that were simply unthinkable ...

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Partnerships all round: no matter the distance

Every connection I make, becomes a partnership. This was the case before COVID-19 and I plan on it being the same when we get through this. It is what our business is founded on. I am proud of the relationships...

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Keeping your workforce engaged from home

Businesses worldwide are having to update systems, processes and technologies to ensure their teams can continue to work effectively and securely from home, and it’s very unlikely that we’ll be switching back t...

Dealing with COVID 19: Government Support for Small Businesses
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Dealing with COVID 19: Government Support for Small Businesses

What looked merely like another version of flu has turned into a global economic crisis the full impact of which has yet to be apprehended. Some industries, such as hospitality, have been hit much harder than o...

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Retail digital transformation: digital practices in and out of bricks and mortar

The future of bricks and mortar is bright, despite continued speculation to the contrary. In the past decade we have seen the impact of the financial crash, changing political landscapes, and rising costs. All ...