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Eric Julliard
(1965 - 2016)

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  • At Allied, we are celebrating the life and memories of Eric Julliard, a colleague and dear friend to many of us. Here are some of the memories that have been shared:
  • It is with the deepest of sadness that Richard and I have to inform you of the passing of my dearest friend and colleague Eric Julliard. Eric passed away suddenly and unexpectedly with paramedics by his side.

    Eric and I met four years ago, during my second week working for Allied when I shook him by the hand and said that I would work my hardest with him on the Burberry account... he walked away from me and the rest is history. We travelled to Asia together visiting Burberry offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore.

    Since then, we have travelled throughout Europe and the US – there aren't many stores we haven't visited and examined the AV, checked the tills and talked to the staff...

    So... moving forward four years Eric decided that he would like to join our Management Team at Allied to bring his particular vision of operational service excellence across our customer base. During the four years, there has hardly been a day where we have not talked or texted on how we were going to fix things... With Eric trying to temper my enthusiasm from my latest great ‘idea’.

    Further communications will take place next week but for now are thoughts are with his friends and family and we are sure you will join us in extending our condolences at this time.

    Eric – take care – we will pull together and try to make your ‘Vision’ come true.

    Shireen Lawrence
    HR Director
  • By now you will have heard of the sudden death of our friend and colleague Eric Julliard. As Eric’s boss for many years, I hope you don’t mind me writing a few words about him in memory and tribute. We have Jon Weg to thank for bringing Eric into Burberry in 2006 from the Body Shop to set-up and run the Help Desk and Eric continued in Service to the organisation in many roles for eight years. I was delighted when poacher became gamekeeper and he joined our close Service provider Allied Worldwide last year and I know he was personally thrilled with the new challenge.

    Eric was a very well known figure at Burberry, not just because of his imposing size but because of the soft French(Belgique) voice that accompanied it. He had many many friends across the organisation in the Showrooms, Europe Group and beyond (his style seem to go well particularly in Asia and especially China) and it would not be unfair to say that he was probably more appreciated by his business colleagues than by his closer colleagues in IT :) which is as it should be - he delighted in holding his IT colleagues to the highest service standards. As a character he was kind, playful, irascible, humble and very occasionally downright infuriating but he was always the most professional employee and his loyalty to Burberry and myself was unstinting. Saturday morning was my favourite time to talk to Eric – Angela or another Senior Executive would phone me with a problem – I would phone Eric and wherever he was – two rings and he would pick up – ‘Ah Mr Doogolaass he would say with exaggerated emphasis on all the vowels – it must be Saturday morning’.

    A few years ago, Eric went through a terrible period of illness (cancer) and bore all the treatment with incredible humour and fortitude (he used to describe the operations in all their detail to me then give a gallic shrug and say ‘but of course my father was a butcher’). I know he so appreciated all the friends and colleagues who supported him through that black period in his life and was also so appreciative of the support that Burberry gave him.

    Yesterday morning as I read my first email of the day – a Linkedin alert - Erics face peered back at me from the very top left hand corner of my screen – "your network and who has changed jobs in 2015" - it was a nice way to start a wet day in HK and made me smile. It is hard to fathom that within a few hours Eric would be dead – the suddenness of it all making it even harder to take in.

    Life is so fragile and while for now we all mourn his passing, I hope at some time very soon we can celebrate His Life.

    John Douglas
    Chief Information Officer, MCM FASHION GROUP LIMITED
  • Eric Julliard.

    I was once told that we are born with two incurable diseases, life, from which we die, and hope which says death isn’t the end.

    Some people come into your life for what is a moment in ones journey and remain with you throughout it. Eric Julliard is certainly someone who has entered the life of Allied and has played a most significant role in our journey to date.

    Eric’s beliefs were founded on the strongest moral compass and alongside this, the unfaltering focus about excellence in everything that you do. These two qualities are easily talked about but very few are able to ensure that their behavior is aligned to those values and resisting the temptation to put one’s personal needs before those you wanted to support.

    It’s not a surprise that we were perfectly matched in a vision of what service excellence should be and be focused into making sure expectations were reached, which was our starting point for a beautiful journey.

    If one believes that a company has a soul then Eric is still here with us and rest assured Eric for ever will always be in our hearts.

    Richard Skellett
    CEO & Chairman