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           So, Now You’ve Got ByD… What do you do now?

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Soft-war Implementation

You have been through the wars, haven’t you? At least, that’s how it can feel when you go through a software search and select. You’ve defined your processes, you’ve found great vendors, you’ve spent hours of your time eating sandwiches and watching software product demonstrations. All of that before you’ve even selected your preferred vendor and started the implementation. Luckily for you, you’ve selected SAP Business ByDesign as your software of choice. Not only is it part of the SAP family (and therefore one of the most robust and reliable products on the market) but it’s also rapid deployment and quick time to value.

Well, that’s the theory. In truth, any software deployment can be fraught with danger. You can disappear down so many dark alleys it can be tempting, once the implementation has been completed, to sit back and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Before you pause for your well-earned break, you need to consider whether your software implementation is ever really finished. Do you have a plan in place to continue to get the best from your software? Have you started to think about phase 2 or phase 3 roll out? Do you have a brilliant support service?

Let’s Talk About Support

The Problem with SAP Support…

Software support; it’s a loathed concept in many customer circles. You will already know that SAP roll support into the price of the ByDesign license fees. That’s great; up to a point. SAP probably didn’t implement your software. They probably don’t know the details of your system or understand your processes. There’s certain things they won’t (or can’t) do. SAP support can be complex and time consuming. So much so that many SAP partners make a reasonable living out of logging your support queries for you. Let’s face it, that can be money well spent if it saves you valuable time and effort – even though it feels a bit like money for old rope.

The Problem Your Partner Has Supporting You…

That said, maybe your implementation partner isn’t much better. The problem your existing partner has with offering you great support, is that you may still be quite labour intensive for them. They might have moved onto other implementations and be finding it hard to resource your support. Or frankly, they might not be interested in low value, high effort support contracts. They might be happy to take your retainer but less happy to hear from you when you have an issue. Sound familiar?

Here’s why that is; SAP Business ByDesign resource is scarce on the ground. Their consultants are valuable assets in their business – ones which might be better deployed winning deals and implementing projects rather than working a service desk.

The Problem You Have Getting Support from Your Partner…

It’s easy to feel resentful paying a retainer for lack lustre support. Your business was important to your partner before you signed up and throughout the implementation. Why the change of heart now you have executed “go live”? On top of that, you’re probably paying a monthly fee which hardly seems justified when you analyse the frequency of your support calls. What’s the point of paying hundreds of pounds each month when you hardly draw down on the support?

Your partner might also have a very different idea to you of what constitutes support. Training? Not support. Extending functionality? Not support. Writing a new report? Nope. Bug fixing? Depends. You might also have so much trouble identifying what is support and what isn’t that your retainer hardly seems worth the money.

Who’s The Fairest of Them All?

At Allied Worldwide, we like to do things differently. We believe in REAL alliances (the clue is in the name). We want to be able to support ALL your SAP Business ByDesign system in a way that is fair and helpful. No hidden fees or hidden agenda. Just good, old fashioned support.

Things we will do:

  • Review your system to make sure you are getting the best out of it
  • Review your processes for efficiencies
  • Field and form creation
  • Light customisation
  • Bug fixes
  • SAP support intermediary
  • Training

We offer all of this for one low, monthly retainer.

On top of that, we operate a “train the trainer” approach which aims to enable you to support yourself. On that basis, if you don’t draw down on all of your support over the year, we will refund you a % of your annual fee. Why should you not be rewarded for managing your own support? Just like other SAP partners, we work on a “fair usage” basis. The only difference is that it is fair to both parties and not just one.

Allied Worldwide – the fairest of them all!

Posted by: Emma Stewart, Commercial & Operation Director News Icon

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