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Keeping the (Christmas) Lights On

Keeping the Lights On

Keeping the (Christmas) Lights On

The world doesn’t stop any more; not even at Christmas. In days gone by, you’d expect to leave the office on Christmas Eve for a well-earned week (or so) off. During that time there would be little interaction with the office, little shopping (except on Boxing Day) and definitely no internet browsing.

People’s expectations have changed over the years. Now, your customers want to shop online at any time of day, they want access to your store, they want to eat or drink in your restaurant and they definitely want to be able to access work emails and reports from their home office over the Christmas period. It’s the price we have paid for this relentless technological march. But, it’s also good for business.

The paradox is that whilst people expect time off, they also expect things to function as normal. That makes it hard for you to facilitate time off for your employees.

Take the humble IT service desk for example, while most of your staff will be out of the office, enjoying a Christmas break at home, they are likely to have brought their work devices home with them with the expectation that they can log on as normal at any point during their break. That means they have to have connectivity and access to shared drives. Which in turns means your IT department are always “on”.

But your hardworking, dedicated IT support team are entitled to take time off over the Christmas break too. How do you square that circle? Step in Allied Worldwide. We have a truly global presence and have worked with clients across a broad range of industries. Whether you’re a restaurant in New York or a clothing store in Germany, we understand your business and can ensure continuity of service over the festive period. Many of our customers purchase “credits” in advance specifically to benefit from the additional help they require over the festive period.

With a Global IT Support model we can provide local, multilingual support to cover all your regional areas. Whether it’s L1,2 or 3 support engineer, we have boots on the ground near you, or far flung hands, to ensure your (Christmas) lights are always on. This approach ensures continuity for your customers, your employees and peace of mind for you. It is, after all, the season of Peace and Joy.

Allied Worldwide are happy to offer the following flexible services over holiday periods:

  • Fill gaps in your IT team short or long term and without risk
  • Emergency support for peak demand
  • Holiday and absentee cover
  • Short-term and temporarily skills shortage cover
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ongoing and long term cost savings

Emma Stewart

Written by Emma Stewart – Director of Business and Technology Solutions at Allied Worldwide

For over 25 years, our innovative approaches to people, process and technology have provided world leading brands with the most experienced, trusted and sophisticated systems on the planet… People.

Clever IT Managers talk to us before they need to. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you maximise your people and get access to our flexible ad-hoc global IT talent pool, get in touch. Call me on 07866 380 349.

To find out more about Christmas Holiday Cover please get in touch.

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