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Flexible IT Resourcing

In this three-part series ‘Flexible IT Resourcing – the secret clever IT Managers don’t want you to know’ we explore alternatives to the traditional IT contractor or agency-based recruitment services.

1. Three reasons to adopt flexible IT resourcing

2. Global IT support made flexible

3. Benefits of a global IT support model

In part two, the second article in our ‘Flexible IT Resourcing’ series, we cover how global IT support can be made flexible as per your need.

Three reasons to adopt flexible IT resourcing

Global IT support made flexible

Global IT support made flexible

At Allied Worldwide we have some of the most flexible IT resource models in the marketplace today. Our three most popular support models have been built with you, the IT Manager, in mind. They all give you flexible access to the right resource, at the right time, and for the right price. We flex to your needs so when you no longer need the extra resource you can either exit the contract or reduce the resource down to meet your new demands.

Here are three ways we flex around your business needs:

1. Short Term & Interim IT Resource

This resourcing model is particularly good for additional or short-term project work where you don’t have the capacity to resource or where it might impact on core business.

You get access to qualified IT professionals, which we source for you from our existing pool of highly skilled professionals. We deal with the admin and recruitment, so you don’t have to. For example, regardless of the multiple geographical locations you may need to support, we operate from a single P&L which means you only pay for services in one currency. And because they are employed directly by us, all statutory obligations for any short-term project work is managed by us. Since we have such a deep pool of well qualified and highly skilled people, you can engage resources immediately. We have resources in over 40 countries already so no matter where you are based we can mobilise someone to help you straight away.

In other words, you get the skills to suit your business when you need them and with immediate effect without the stress of employment law or regulations.

Global IT support made flexible

2. Flexible Resourcing Architecture (FRA) Model

Taking a leaf out the pay-as-you-go model, this option lets you purchase resource credits in advance, to be used as you require at a moment’s notice.

FRA credits can be exchanged over your contract term in exchange for a wide range of skilled individuals who can be deployed in any country, at any time. Credits can be purchased, used and repurchased whenever you like to ensure you always have adequate cover for your ad hoc needs. This model is especially good for relieving the pressure of unexpected staff shortages, IT projects or global roll outs.

Once again you get access to our IT specialists from our global talent pool who have experience in infrastructure management, end-user computing, multi-vendor management and level 1-3 support.

Global IT support made flexible

What’s next?

In part three of our three-part series on Flexible IT Resourcing, we explore the benefits of a Global IT support model.

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Emma Stewart

Written by Emma Stewart – Director of Business and Technology Solutions at Allied Worldwide

For over 25 years, our innovative approaches to people, process and technology have provided world leading brands with the most experienced, trusted and sophisticated systems on the planet… People.

Clever IT Managers talk to us before they need to. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you maximise your people and get access to our flexible ad-hoc global IT talent pool, get in touch. Call me on 07866 380 349.

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