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The Future of the IT Service Desk

Future IT service Desk

The Future of the IT Service Desk

We say humble, but in truth there’s nothing lowly about your IT service desk. A core component of your business, the IT helpdesk, and the L1 & 2 engineers who run it, are responsible for acquiring more and more knowledge every year. It’s difficult enough being an end user; what with a widening range of applications, devices and software to access.

Challenging IT

Being a human being in today’s “always on”, interconnected world is challenging for our brains. Imagine then the almost superhuman knowledge which has to be contained inside the heads of your IT service desk personnel, as they make their way round all your support issues, requests and queries, on a daily basis. The expectation is that any IT issue will be spotted and fixed immediately – even before end users know of the issue or before it impacts customers. Finding people with such talent and ability doesn’t come easily. At Allied Worldwide we have some of the best engineers on the market; finding such talented individuals is the proverbial needle in the haystack. (Thank goodness we also have a talented recruitment division who hunt down the right people).

Then we should consider the increasing threat of Cybercrime. There’s a requirement not only to understand the ever-changing nature, and increasing sophistication, of the threats, but also to maintain the right level of security – which now needs to also cover new GDPR regulations. It’s essential that your systems are designed to keep safe, the data which you have collected over the years. Although your IT Service Desk won’t be responsible for your compliance, their involvement will definitely be required to ensure you are well defended.

As businesses grow there’s also a requirement to invest in ever more complex software; one that not only keeps up with the growing needs of a business, but which also helps the end users through process automation. Your service desk might end up picking up the slack from any software provider when it comes to rolling this out and offering support. This is especially true if you consider a DEJ study last year found that 42% of businesses surveyed said that solutions they had purchased in the past were no longer effective at handling the larger quantities of data going through the system. When software falls over, your IT service desk are usually the first to pick it up.

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The Future

So, what does all this mean for the future of IT Service Desk? Well, unsurprisingly it’s all about people, innovation, automation and strategic consideration.

A robust IT Service Desk makes a business more profitable both in terms of growth at the correct rate and customer satisfaction. Investing in the robustness will undoubtedly improve your business profit and give you a competitive edge. If you are outsourcing your IT Service Desk function, then you need to ensure you are engaged with a company which invests in futurology to anticipate your challenges.

Some of the trends likely to impact on your business in the coming months and year include:

Self-service portals

Streamlined, mobile friendly technical assistance which enables staff to self-resolve their incidents. Conversations, approvals and resolutions can be tracked and drawn from to cut down future time to resolve incidents.

Chat bots

Always there. 24/7 support with a series of pre-programmed responses to anticipate the resolution the bot will also use machine learning to solve the most commonly asked queries.

Knowledge management tools

A data repository to help staff with their own queries. This could be something as simple as an IT Site Bible or could be contained within a software. A global search function typically allows a user to type a question and read the various potential resolutions. Typically, with social sharing or communication platforms, great knowledge management tools offer the user a perfect platform for decision and resolve.

Bring your own device (BYOD) infrastructure management

An increasing trend, more and more employee-owned devices are making their way into businesses. Whether it’s a mobile device, tablet or even a pen drive, it is important for the IT Service Desk to be able to manage the complexities from employee training to security. Creating safe environments for company data (such as a gated cloud) offers the best of both worlds where the end user can still use their own device, but company information is stored securely and authentically.

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